Negotiations for the “Spring 2011 Headquarters Reduction” are scheduled for July 6th and 7th.  This impacts Sacramento County only.  State Restriction of Appointment (SROA) notices were sent to approximately 20 PA I, 15 PA II, 7 PSA, 11 CC I and 11 CC II employees.  Notices were also sent to numerous supervisors, lieutenants, and sergeants.  There are various divisions within CDCR HQ impacted including:  BPH, DAI, DAPO, DJJ, and the Correctional Training Center (CTC). 


Medical Parole negotiations were completed and the first inmates eligible for medical parole have been approved.  This process will have to be monitored and will undoubtedly need to have modifications made as the process evolves.  If you have questions about the process, you can contact Jeff Bigley (Santa Rosa) or Michael Mata (Bakersfield) who were on the table.


We met on June 22nd and 23rd to negotiate the Parole Agent II conversion from specialist to supervisor.  It was a difficult negotiation with management reluctant to provide information that we requested.  No progress was made and the second day of negotiations ended with a plan to meet again on August 5th.  Team members are:  Paul Price, Derrick Ross, Darren Emery, Bill Charette, Todd Gillam and me.  Contact any of us if you have questions about the process or want to provide input for the next negotiation meeting.


We are seeing an increased number of Accounts Receivable (AR) with reports of overpayments to parole agents.  If you receive an AR and you do not think it is factual, contact your local representatives for assistance in filing a grievance.  That will hold the process while personnel provides necessary documentation of the overpayment and allows you to work out a repayment schedule.  You also may use leave credits to remedy this accounts receivable.


Whenever you are involved in ANY use of force that requires an incident report, you have a right to have an attorney assist you.  Immediately call your local rep or a CCPOA attorney directly at any time for assistance.  You can call any of the numbers until you make actual contact.  Talk to an attorney before you complete your report or make additional statements to your supervisor.


Janice Shaw 916-662-4385 Northern California

Dan Lindsay 916-425-8466 Northern California

Shelly Lytle 559-250-2862 Central Valley

Rudy Jansen 951-313-0114 Southern California


A meeting was held on June 17th regarding the pilot program for Point Pattern Analysis called GPS Enhanced Trial.  The pilot locations are Fresno and San Bernardino.  Management told the PAAC team that enough work was being reduced so there was no workload impact.  It is imperative that agents in the pilot locations not work beyond their scheduled work hours to ensure that the duties can be accomplished in a 164-hour work period. 


The Governor signed the new budget and AB 109 was funded.  The CDCR AB 109 task force has been meeting for the last few months.  They are planning the process to start implementation.  DAPO has been projecting impact to the parole division in six-month increments.  This will provide the foundation for a surplus/layoff process that will be incorporated with other divisions throughout CDCR.  A conference call will be held in July to provide more information to staff. 


Following the last conference call, I have received many phone calls about the implication of SROA/layoff notices based on county impact.  I have contacted Matt Cate and Robert Ambroselli to get consideration to expand the area of impact for any future layoffs to regions.  The layoffs in 1992 were by region.


There are GPS units in Region I requiring agents to enter the time GPS tracks are being run, even if that time is not during the agent’s work hours.  If you are running tracks before or after work hours and not recording the time on your CDCR 998-A, your work hours are not factual.  Management can run GPS reports and see the time agents are signing on their computer to run tracks. 


As a reminder, be sure to keep your Firearms Qualification Card with you at all times when you are carrying your firearm.


The Alternative Custody Program (ACP) is scheduled for implementation in August.  It is an alternative program under which female inmates, pregnant inmates, or inmates who were primary caregivers of dependent children immediately prior to incarceration may be allowed to participate in the voluntary ACP in the community in lieu of incarceration.  Inmates must be non-serious, non-violent and non-sex offenders with 24 months or less to serve.  Parole agents will supervise these inmates in the community.


The Parole Reform Pilot Program will be expanding.   There is currently one pilot unit in each region.  Some regions will expand pilot programs within a complex, with plans to roll out statewide in the future.  Initially these caseloads were 48-1, but will now be expanded to 53-1.  We will need to negotiate a reduction in some work to allow for the increase in caseload size.


Beth Kita is a doctoral student who is completing her dissertation on parole.  If you know retired parole agents who would like to contribute to her study, she can be reached at 415-377-0345 or


On June 25th I met with Mike Jimenez and Chuck Alexander.  We discussed many of the issues relative to the ones mentioned above.  I have requested their assistance in resolving some of the problems.  They have agreed to maintain contact to work on problems PAAC is encountering.


I met with the BPH Executive Officer Jennifer Schaffer and Chief Deputy Rhonda Skipper-Dotta on June 28th.  We discussed concerns by agents about board actions that seem inappropriate based on the facts of a violation.  They indicated that DAPO Policy 07-17 allows for Decision Review in such cases.  Cases were presented where charges were dismissed when a police officer or parole agent was not available.  Make sure you provide documentation to commissioners when you or a police officer cannot attend, so a hearing can possibly be rescheduled.  There are no anticipated positions being cut at this time at BPH relative to AB 109.


If you are interested in job steward training, contact me with your location.  We will try to get training planned in areas where there is enough interest.


Job Steward Training is currently scheduled:


July 20, 2011


The Old Spaghetti Factory

1431 Buena Vista

Duarte, CA  91010

(626) 358-2115


Contact CCPOA Southern office at 800-221-7397 to sign up.


The CCPOA Annual Conference will be held August 17th and 18th at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, 3700 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103.  The CCPOA Board of Directors meeting will be August 16th.


The next PAAC General Membership Meeting will be September 17, 2011 in Fresno.  More information about the location will be forthcoming.