A revised list of impacted employees for Wave 2 was provided to CCPOA on October 27, 2012. However, upon review, it appears there are still errors. CCPOA continues to meet with CDCR to resolve issues where BU 6 employees have provided information to CCPOA for SPB appeals. A meeting is scheduled for October 29th and should continue if mistakes are still evident. If you know of an issue relative to Wave 2, contact any CCPOA office and ask for a Labor Representative to initiate an SPB appeal. An extension has been granted. The final filing date is November 15th. If you are not sure if a situation can be appealed, call and initiate the process to preserve your time frames.

As a result of Wave 2 impact, caseloads are increasing in all regions. If excess points/caseloads necessitate OT, request via email to your supervisor. If there is difficulty obtaining approval, contact your local reps immediately. We will file Policy 08-08 grievances as needed.

Although CCPOA has received a notice for Wave 3 layoffs, we have not yet received the most current Over/Under Report. Therefore, we are not yet scheduled for definite negotiation dates. SROA letters should be going out soon after the conclusion of Wave 2. Wave 3 will be much larger for DAPO than Wave 2. The institutions will be impacted in counties where parole agents have bumping rights back into a prison based on previously being a Correctional Officer.

We are currently engaged in workload negotiations for the 53:1 caseloads. We are not making any progress and need your help to be effective in these negotiations. If you are assigned to a 53:1 caseload, I need to hear from all of you regarding the new work related to these caseloads. Let me know what your caseloads are and if you are getting OT if needed to accomplish the work. If your workloads are manageable, please let me know that also. We need to know what work we should request to be removed in order to make these caseloads manageable. Team members are: Anita Earl (Region I), Shawn Wilson (Region II), John Bostick (Region III) and Gilbert Gil (Region IV). Our next negotiation date is November 9th.

Negotiations on the Point Pattern Analysis (PPA) for GPS Agents have not been concluded. It is imperative that GPS agents provide me with emails on how this process is being accomplished. If you are unable to get the work done in your 8-hour day or 41-hour workweek, you should be requesting OT from your supervisor via email. If OT is denied or granted, you need to let me know ASAP. If you are granted OT to get the everyday work done, we will be able to show that the work cannot be completed within current work periods. We can then request reduction in caseloads or some other work reduction to allow you to have caseloads that are manageable. If you are denied the OT and cannot get all of the track review done on your entire caseload daily, notify your supervisor daily to protect yourself for specs that are not met. Team members for this negotiation are: Patrick Hodak (Region I), David Jones (Region II), Lorrie Schindler (Region III), and Santiago Auditor (Region IV). It is important that you do not run tracks outside of your work schedule, unless you are getting paid. It is impossible to have factual ROS entries and Timesheets, if you are working beyond your schedule. Management has access to reports reflecting dates and times tracks are being reviewed, so be accurate and factual. We are also requesting that information to show that many agents have to work uncompensated to complete required work.

There are reassignments occurring in all four regions with management closing offices, consolidating units and redirecting staff to manage caseloads. If these redirects are made before Wave 3 begins, it may impact counties by changing county locations of agents/PSAs. If you are aware of any such moves, please email me the information.

Plans continue for Regions III and IV to merge, in addition to Regions II and I. The time frames change, with no definite dates known for this to be completed. We will continue to monitor this to determine if it will affect PAAC elections for Board of Directors relative to region representatives.

Negotiations are scheduled for November 1st for a Pilot Program on a new Urinalysis Policy that will start in San Luis Obispo, Salinas and Santa Cruz. Team members are Tremaine Williams, Daniel Chinn, John Bostick and Gilbert Gil.

Agents who do receptionist duties in their units are problematic statewide. We have tried to resolve this issue, with no success as of this date. I have gone to SEIU and will continue to pursue this situation with them. One bargaining unit (BU 6) should never do duties specific to another bargaining unit (BU 4). We plan to file grievances in each unit/complex where this is occurring. Please contact your local PAAC representatives if this is happening in your area.

I met with agents that are currently in the Correctional Officer Transition Academy on October 22nd. We are attempting to resolve situations such as Parole Agents that are on Workers Comp or Disability and were not able to start this academy, but had been awarded a C/O position. Agents unable to participate in this academy and have a doctor’s note may have a subsequent academy to attend relative to Wave 2.

The next PAAC meeting will be:

December 1, 2012

Embassy Suites
3663 E. Guasti Road
Ontario, CA 91761