Elections for PAAC Board of Director positions will occur this year. If you are interested in running for PAAC President, Vice-President or Regional Representative, submit the application that can be found in the CCPOA Peacekeeper. Forms have also been mailed out to the parole units. The final date to submit the intent to run for chapter office is September 11, 2013. There are two board members in each region and these elections will continue based on Region I, II, III and IV.

CCPOA received a written settlement offer to resolve the statewide Acting Out of Class grievance. There are several individual issues that we need to resolve before this is signed. CCPOA attorneys are reviewing the document. It is unsettling that the department continues to use out of class and is not compensating everyone.

After a number of PA II Specialists were demoted to PA I, we have received information of numerous incidents where the agents continue to do the PA II work that they previously did (only now as a PA I). This is not appropriate and staff should either be compensated for working out of class or staff in the appropriate classification should do the work.

Workload negotiations for the 53:1 caseloads continue, but infrequently. We continue to try to finalize the overtime policy for these caseloads and I think we are close to agreement on that document.

With caseloads extremely high statewide, it is imperative that you request overtime and/or specs be waived, starting early in the month. If you are not given adequate overtime, nor sufficient specs are waived, it is imperative that you send an email to your supervisor documenting the fact you did not meet caseload specs requirements due to excess caseloads, vacation, sick leave, etc. For cases where you do not meet specs because of excess caseloads, you should note the reason on each of your Record of Supervision (ROS). With high (sometimes double) caseloads, your supervisor should be approving overtime early in the month. I have talked to Dan Stone about this and he indicates he agrees with the need for overtime to be granted early in the month.

Office closures, consolidation of units and redirecting staff to manage caseloads continues on a regular basis. Contact your local rep or me if you have to move beyond the allowable mileage from your residence to your office. This will be more problematic as offices continue to close and it is not known how we will handle these scenarios when there is not an office within the allowable mileage. Management cannot move agents more than 50 miles without compensation. Agents can agree to be within 65 miles, which is their mileage determination.

We have requested resumption of PART moves pursuant to 19.06 of the MOU, but have not received a definitive answer either way. If you are interested, you should submit your PART request on July 1st, but not before. This is the first date new applications may be received. List any unit you are interested in relocating into, as we do not know exactly where the vacancies currently exist. There are viable vacancies throughout the state according to the Regional Administrators. PAAC has also asked for agents who have demoted to Correctional/Officer, to be able to return limited term until the parole population decreases to a level that the existing staff can supervise adequately. Retired annuitants continue to be used by DAPO; some are in field agent positions.

A memo was distributed in Region I regarding the Respiratory Protection Program FIT testing pursuant to CalOSHA requirements for the N95 mask DAPO agents receive. The memo stated that agents must report “clean shaven” for this process. DAPO parole agents do not have grooming standards relative to face hair and we have not received a notice to change this. I do not know how this will be handled if agents report for this fitting process with a moustache/beard. Contact me if you are dealing with this situation.

FUNA agents are being returned to field units with the number of FUNA agents being reduced. This appears to be in conjunction with the new Court Agent positions. They are currently limited term and you must be an incumbent PA to apply for these positions. Region III has selected three Court Agents to date. Region I and II have advertised and are currently interviewing for those spots. We negotiated those positions last week, but have not yet finalized those discussions. Training will occur in Galt the week of June 24th and the positions will begin July 1st, with the Court Transition Process starting that date.

Negotiations for the Court Transition Process started last week. We are one week away from a revocation process that switches from the BPH to local Superior Courts. There are many unanswered questions and the transition has not been completely resolved. There are 58 counties and DAPO does not control how these revocation processes will occur in each county. Agents need to contact me and/or your local PAAC reps for issues that arise during this transition.

Don’t forget to submit your memorandum for any off-duty/secondary employment you have. This must be updated on an annual basis for review and approval.

CCPOA Main table negotiations are currently occurring. PAAC has met once informally to work on issues in MOU Section 19. If you have any ideas/suggestions on things that need to be changed, added, modified, etc., send me an email with that information.

I have requested a copy of the Re-employment list for all BU 6 classifications. The list should be merged from all three Waves at this point.

A Training memo has been disseminated by DAPO with a reduction in previously required training. PAST training has been significantly reduced this calendar year to offset all the excess/new training added this year, such as: SOMS, COMPAS 8 and Court Transition. It is important that you document all training. If you have a month with training that limits the amount of time you have to meet your case specs, you need to ask for overtime if needed to complete your workload requirements.

The next PAAC meeting will be in August in Sacramento. As soon as the location is determined, flyers will be distributed.

CCPOA’s 37th Annual Convention & Training Conference will be held July 17 & 18, 2013, at the Peppermill Resort, Spa and Casino in Reno.