PAAC 2019 Tax Filings

You can view PAAC’s 2019 Tax Filings Here:

PDF: 2019 Parole Agents

Bargaining Unit 6- 2020-2022 Tentative MOU Agreement

Update for Board Of Directors

Dear Board Of Directors,

We are proud to inform the board that late Thursday night, our negotiation team reached a tentative agreement with the State on a successor Memorandum of Understanding under the most challenging of circumstances. Our team was working until midnight to close the deal and will be working through the weekend to prepare for the BOD video conference call that is scheduled to take place on Monday at 0800 hours. While you are all understandably anxious to learn the details of this two-year tentative agreement, please be patient and allow the team who are still bound by confidentiality to wrap up the final details so that it can be presented to you collectively on Monday.



CCPOA Washable Barrier Masks

These masks are currently being distributed throughout the state complexes. Each member will receive three masks a piece. Please contact your local job steward if you have not received them as of yet. Thank you and as always, be safe and stay healthy!

CCPOA-PAAC Sacramento Meeting 2019

The Riverside Moreno Valley Parole Office Meet and Greet

Several CCPOA PAAC Chapter Board members (President Jorge Robles, Vice President Joshua Eustice and Board Member Maribel Hinojosa) were joined by the CCPOA Main Table negotiation team members (Moses Mix, Terry Hammon, Steve Durham and Suzanne Jimenez) in rolling out the new MOU and answering all questions that the membership had. The Town hall rollout […]

Parole 1:1 Transfer Opportunity

CCPOA and the State have agreed on a finalized 1:1 transfer opportunity. This transfer will allow agents all throughout the state to select a desirable location and potentially be matched with another Parole Agent I or Parole Agent II Specialist.

The 1:1 form will be available on the CCPOA Members Only website starting April 2, 2018 through May 31, 2018. You may submit your 1:1 job exchange form during this time. CCPOA will attempt to match potential agents to their 1:1 request based on seniority. CPSRM and GPS positions may swap work locations based on the same job duties. Those in administrative positions may participate in the 1:1 swaps, based on management approval.

The State has limited our ability to notify all agents via the CDCR email server. Therefore, CCPOA/PAAC is requesting your assistance to inform your fellow agents the opportunity to participate in a 1:1 exchange.

Agents will have 35-days to submit a 1:1 exchange. We recommend you check the “CDCR Intranet” and search for “DAPO seniority scores.” You will find a quarterly seniority roster (latest one is dated 1/30/18). If you believe your seniority is incorrect, please notify a job steward immediately.

To obtain/submit a 1:1 form you will need a CCPOA Members Only login. If you do not have a username or have forgotten your password, please contact Mike in the CCPOA I.T. department at 1-800-221-7397, or send an email to to obtain access to the Members Only page. If you email your request, please include your complete first and last name, along with the last four digits of your social security number. We recommend that you call for assistance, as it will be the fastest way to get response.

Feel free to contact your CCPOA field representatives with any questions or concern that may arise.


Josh Eustice, PAAC Vice President








*FEBRUARY 25, 2017*

9 am – 2 pm

 Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be provided

Topics of Discussion:

–  Guest Speaker:  DAPO Director

–  2017 PAAC Budget / Budget Proposals

–  Committee Appointments

–  Job Steward List Updates

–  PART Issues

–  SB869 Lock Boxes for Law Enforcement

–  PAL Warrant Requests (301’s)

For more information about PAAC:

Meshal Kashifalghita, President

(916) 708-2262