Labor Management Meeting 11/18/20

Labor Management Meeting 11/18/20

Here are some of the issues PAAC discussed with management:

1.) Covid / Testing: As of now, more counties are turning Purple in this Covid Stage. DAPO will not be switching stages for now. We will remain in the stage we are in, utilizing PPE’s and social distancing. DAPO will not be testing for Covid, for now.

2.) Polo Shirts: Those lovely polo shirts we all recently received are not within uniform compliance. The stated is currently looking to see if the manufacturer made the mistake and got the order wrong. If they did than the manufacturer would have to replace the polo shirts. However, if the state made the mistake when they placed the order they will look into their options. For now you do not have to do anything with the shirts. They have not asked for them back and do not know if they want them back. We will see what they decide down the road.

3.) Complex Closures: December 10, 2020, Redwood City will be closing down and moving to San Jose. They have not decided which other complexes will be closing down next. However, there are more to come in the near future.

4.) Central Filing: Some complexes throughout the state already have centralized filing. As complexes are closed we will be going paperless, which means all the files will be scanned and uploaded into ERMS. Eventually we will no longer have files. As for complexes that do not have centralized filing we discussed having the files scanned an agent at a time so we do not disrupt the flow of the complex by making everyone go to centralize filing first. Makes better sense to me anyways.

5.) SPARCLE: In our meeting we discussed computer programs and equipment needed for our gang agents. The stated will be giving the gang agents Cal Photo for now and that should be rolling out very soon.

6.) We also discussed tasers for PAII Specialist in CCTRP and MCRP programs as there has been an increase in physical altercations.

7.) PSA Issues: Beth Buck spoke on multiple PSA concerns such as, workload issues, vacancies, shared or loaner PSA’s where other locations are short staffed, PARTS, etc. All the issues raised by Beth were heard and will be looked into.

8.) Open Tables: Incident Report Taking, CITF, South Sac, and Modesto are on the top of the states list. We have multiple issues / concerns with those tables and are currently in negotiations.

9.) PARTS: The state is not prepared to move forward with the new “Continuous” change in PARTS. We proposed to conduct PARTS on November 24th, however it appears December 4th is the tentative date. We asked the state for the effective transfer date to be no later than January 1st. The state is confirming with both the north and the south to confirm the tentative date and the effective transfer dates.