Meeting with Southern DAPO Management 1/21/16


Date: ​​January 21, 2016

Zip code realignment- Administration gave the District Administrators the ability to shift cases within their districts to balance workloads.
Overtime as it pertains to trainers- Hour for hour of actual time worked will be modified or paid overtime bases on the 13-10 policy and 19.08 MOU section. Half sheets must be filled out and a brief synopsis of the duties preformed due to the time missed while training. Supervisors still have the ability to modify or adjust caseloads rather than pay overtime.
PAAC was informed that supervisors will be told that just stating operational needs when denying schedules will not be accepted. The operational need must be explained.
Regional Administration stated that they would conduct a PART soon after the new hires are in the assignment somewhere in the beginning of February. The PART will follow MOU contract guidelines.
Agents in Compton were being told to run their GPS tracks while on vacation or 2 weeks later.
The supervisor then wanted the AOR to complete the ROS after the work was supposedly done by the Supervisor. Southern Administration agreed that this is problematic and not the policy.
That supervisor will be reminded of the policy.

Southern Administration now agree that the Matrix for GPS caseload count is based off of SOMS and not veritracks count. Workload is not counted off of a contracted vendors account.
Position numbers
Southern Regional Administrators stated that they are currently cleaning up position numbers and expect to be completed in a few months. Administration stated that they will make every effort to fill vacancies in the field with PART transfers before new hires.

PA 2 Vacancies
Administration claims that due to a lag on obtaining authority for PA2 positions there will continue to be out of class assignments until positions are in order and obtained.

Compton building
The Administration stated that DGS and the Compton building owner are in negotiations for continuing the expired lease. As this develops Management stated they would inform PAAC/CCPOA. Additional sites are being looked at including the old Long Beach building.

​Present:​State – G.Viera Rosa, B. Crowding, K. Thacker, D. Ronquillo and M. Burns
​​CCPOA – J. Bostick, M. Lopez, D. Reese, M. Kashifalghita and J. Hood