October 2016

Over the past month many new changes have come about in DAPO.
With the Director leaving the division as well as many of the upper management staff it may seem unstable. We believe it is just a hiccup and that we will keep moving forward.
Hopefully in the next few months things will settle down in DAPO. Typically once the Director is secure the rest of the Executive Management appointments are made. This change does come at a bad time with the start of the 3 years to excellence plan just a few months away. Stay tuned for updates on the direction of DAPO or attend our PAAC meeting on Dec 10th for information.

October was a busy month for PAAC.
PAAC President John Bostick along with PAAC Vice President Delia Reese toured several Complexes in the South. PAAC got the chance to meet members as well as answer questions.
The Riverside and Anaheim offices were toured on 10/25 and the San Diego and Escondido offices on 10/26. We had a good turn out and would like to thank all of you who came by and asked questions.
We plan on touring around the entire state next year and providing lunch or breakfast as much as possible.
With the end of this year we may tour the San Bernadino Complex in December and provide lunch to the building, take questions and listen to your concerns. Dates for the tour will follow as well as notifications via email.
Thank you