PART moves

Parole Agent Request to Transfer.
After a very long time we finally got management to complete the PART process.
PAAC complained for months to both of the Regional Administrators about the PART process not being following per the MOU.
After several failed attempts to have our Director resolve the problem it was decided to take this issue above the Director level.  PAAC President John Bostick gathered information regarding vacancies, new hires, vacancy rates, eligibility etc.. to provide proof of a MOU violation.
The Office of Labor Relations was provided the documentation that was gathered and regonized that DAPO failed to follow the MOU. OLR gave DAPO a clear direction to immediately facilitate PART to prevent class action grievances that they would ultimately lose.
After a long battle with DAPO management your PAAC President was able to prevail and force PART moves.

On 10/26 the Northern Regional Administrator reluctantly completed PART and notified Agents that were successful. Agents will be moving in December

On 11/4 the Southern Region made its selections for PART moves. Agents will be moving 1/2/17.

The PART process is by contract a continual process and PAAC will continue to ensure that DAPO follows the MOU.
We would like to congratulate all of you that were successful and hope that you are closer to your home.
Additional PART moves will be coming in January we believe.
Thank you