Southern Management Labor meeting notes 12/17/15


Date: ​​December 17, 2015


Southern Regional Administration stated that they would conduct a PART in the South soon after the new hires are in their assignments. This is approximately in the beginning of Feb 2016. The PART will follow MOU contract guidelines.

Complaints from Field Units claiming cases from CPAT are late and receiving unit does not have complete details of the arrest to complete a sufficient report. It was indicated that Divisional maybe amending the current policy.

Skid row Agents
Administration will look into the responsibilities of the agents working theses zip codes and will inform PAAC/CCPOA of any additional duties or responsibilities. Agents working the area codes of skid row will have a full complement of cases and they are not considered specialized.
We were assured that these cases would not impact the rest of the unit. (However, it is unknown if DAPO or DAI is responsible for this influx of parolees.) Management said it would follow-up on this issue.

RPS are caught up, there is intent to add either a PA II Supervisor or PSA (non-ratio) to assist in the work volume to prevent any backlog. And, the homeless/transient RPS will be reassessed do to the inequitable amount of RPS to the unit covering the downtown shelters.
An Official request was made for all BU06 positions assigned to the Southern Regional Headquarters building, to include position numbers. Administration stated that there are no vacancies in the field.

Unprofessionalism by Management
It was brought to the Attention of Southern Administration that several complaints of unprofessional behavior from Administration in Southern Headquarters were reported to PAAC Representatives.
Mr. Viera Rosa stated that he will look into the matter and that he takes matters like these seriously and will take appropriate action if necessary.


Some Females whose vests have expired have not yet been replaced. Management was unaware and said it would look into the matter.

EOP Overflow cases
Administration agreed that they will follow the policy and MOU in regards to the assignment of EOP cases. Caseloads were modified in San Diego to correct the issue.

San Bernardino unit
Administration stated that the San Bernardino Complex was back to business as usual.
The Director was being cautious due to the recent shooting.

Compton Complex
Administration stated that the lease for the Compton building is nearing its end in approximately 90 days. Administration is working very hard to renew the lease at this time.
Any additional potential locations in the South Bay are welcomed by the Administration.

Regional Administrator stated that currently the Out-of-Class positions that have not been extended beyond the 120 day timeframe.

An inquiry was sent out to Specialists regarding who was T4T. It is PAACs position that Teaching is voluntary and that adding duties such as teaching may impact workload. The additional responsibilities could potentially result in negotiation of duties.


Present:​State – G.Viera Rosa, B. Crowding, K. Thacker and N. McCool
​​CCPOA – J. Bostick, M. Lopez, D. Reese, M. Kashifalghita, M. Joseph, and J. Hood