Southern PAAC meeting minutes 1/19/16

Parole Agent Association of California Meeting
Southern Region, Holiday Inn Ontario Airport
January 2016 (0900-1400)

1. Commencement: Meeting called to order by John Bostick at 0908 hours.
• Roll Call-Board of Directors

John Bostick, PAI (Antelope Valley
Vice Pres:
Vacant Position
Northern Region:
John Battle, PAI (Sac Metro 4 )
Fernando Cisneros, PAI (Sac Metro 3)
Vacant Position
Southern Region:
Delia Reese, PAII Spec. (Mid. City I)
Mark Joseph, PAI (Escondido)
Jack Hood, PAI (Chula Vista)
Deborah Shoup, PAII Spec. (Northern Programs)
Rochelle Pendleton, PAI (Retired)

• Absent from meeting: Meshal Kashifalghita (excused), Ana Alexander (un-excused) and 2 vacancies.
• Absent after lunch and/or prior to adjournment: none

2. Roll call-Members and Guest-

• 59 members, guests, and Board of Directors were present.

3. Guests included: Mike Lopez (CCPOA Rep) and Karen Thacker (Southern Chief Deputy Regional Administrator

4. Review and Approval of September 2015 PAAC meeting minutes:

• Copy of minutes to all members in attendance and PAAC Board Members, no discussion or questions.
• Motion to approve minutes by Fernando Cisneros, 2nd by Delia Reese, all approved at 0912 hrs.

5. 2016 Budget Proposal:
• Anticipated annual revenue of $72,000 based on $4.00 per member each month. We are a “non-profit” so anything not spent at the end of each year goes into savings,
• Estimated annual expenses include the following-
• $1090.00 for storage fees; $14,400.00 to the Board for cell phone re-imbursement ($100 each, monthly); $20,000 for 4 chapter meetings and 2 “lunch” meetings; $15,000 for “chapter operations” which includes travel for meetings with directors, regionals, etc.; $2,000 for member enrichment; $1,000 for office supplies; $200 for PO Box rental; $15,400 for travel expenses; and $5,000 the CCPOA Convention (training for the board and voting of CCPOA Board Members. This budget totals $71,700.
• Motion to approve the 2016 Budget by Delia Reese, 2nd by Jack Hood, all approve at 0922 hrs.
• Web site will be updated bi-weekly to include information on negotiations tables, grievances, information from the regional meetings, as well as Chapter meeting notes.

6. Guest Speaker Karen Thacker, Chief Deputy Regional Administrator:
• Appears we will clear the re-employment list as there is approval for most re-hires and lots of movement.
• Question- What is the department doing to reach out to those who left the department during the layoffs? We have had several interviews of permissive re-hires. No notices are being sent out, so people have to watch for the advertisements on VPOS.
• Question- Is there another Parole Academy scheduled? Tentatively scheduled for March 2016.
• Question- In Dec. 2015 notices were sent out those on the PAI list to “update” their information. Will the department be hiring off of the “list?” It is possible, but not sure. It is estimated that the department will hire ½ as laterals and ½ off of the PAI list for the next academy.
• Question- Will there be another PART before they re-hire? Next PART is estimated to occur in Feb. or March. Those currently in backgrounds have been offered “conditional” locations, mostly for LA. It has been agreed that those who recently came back as a “re-hire” can now participate in PART.
• Will agents be notified of the “new” PART eligibility? No, it’s not necessary.
• Question- Are we hiring based on estimated retirements? It is being taken into account, but not dependent upon. It is based on current vacancies primarily.
• Question- When will the next PAII Exam occur? Estimated to be held in April 2016.
• Comment by Bosick- the current academy has several participants hired based on “blanketed” positions. All will have to attend a “full” academy at this point.
• Question- What is the updated expectations for Programs? No talk of decreases in programs. We need to utilize more programs. We are also looking at adding more MCRP/CCTPRs in LA County. Push is likely towards more MCRP/CCTRPs, which will add more PAII Specialist positions.
• Comment- There is currently no STOP funding in San Diego, therefore there are no services available. No info available on this issue.
• Clarification on “who” the PAII positions belong to: MCPR PAII belongs to DAI, CCTRP PAII is “unclear,” and Programs PAII belongs to DAPO. MCRP/CCTRPs are run by CCIIIs, but the PAIIs report to the Regional Re-Entry PAIII and are all still DAPO staff.
• Question- When there is a lack of funding it’s hard to utilize programs. Rumor is that agents will to do more transports? Providers are contracted to do so.
• Question- When and inmate “escapes” from an MCRP/CCTRP, are agent’s required to respond? No, DAI is responsible.
• Question- Will the Regional Administrator Viera Rosa come out to the field to meet staff? Originally he did do some of that, but at this time Thacker cannot speak to this. They will be holding he monthly District meetings in different locations.
• It should be noted that he did come out to the San Bernardino Complex, spoke with all of the supervisors and yet not one word to line staff. It was requested that Thacker relay to Regional Administrator Viera Rosa that staff would like to see & meet him. She agreed to take this message back.
• Comment- There has been a lot of discussion about agents feeling un-welcomed at Region HQ, why is this happening and what is being done to correct this? Given the current climate there have been several changes as a result. Additionally they are striving for more efficiency. There have also recently been some staffing changes due to “professionalism” concerns.
• Comments- We are still short staff in certain units, while some units are fully staffed and others are left struggling with shortages. There are many overwhelming aspects of GPS caseloads that are not being addressed. Thacker states if they move staff to assist, they are trying to do so. The current academy class will graduate on Feb. 28th. Agents can request overtime and are encouraged to document information on the ROS’s.
• Question- How many days on vacation count to have the responsibility for running tracks re-assigned? Suggested that this issue be addressed individually with the PAAC Board.
• Question- Recently regionals have held ceremonies to recognize recent promotions, will they be looking at recognizing upcoming retirees? Thacker stated that is a good idea and she will take it back to the Administration.
• Question- Will we get any programs for PC 290s? We are always trying to get some, it’s an on-going battle.
• Question- Is there truth to the rumor that the Compton Unit will be shut down within 60 days? Currently only a rumor, however the DGS contract for that building is expiring.
• Question- Are we still expanding office locations? Yes, but nothing confirmed at this time, and likely still about 2 years out. We may also look at “co-locating” in Probation or other law enforcement offices.
• Question- Are the zip code re-alignments complete? It is going to be what it is, some complexes are still pending.
• As a result of some of the already completed zip code changes certain units are excessively high, while others are low. Management is said to be looking at this and weighing the impact.
• Questions- Will there be changes in the rotation of CPAT? There are upcoming interviews for 2 PAIIIs, 2 PAIIs, but not sure about the PAIs. The rotation policy is being re-implemented and will impact CPAT positions.
• Question- Are there any PAII vacancies in Court Compliance? There is 1 in LA, and interviews are being set up.
• Question- Is management giving consideration in the workload/time impact due to training being mandated at Regional HQ? This will be discussed with training staff.
• Question- Are we working on dispatch services for DAPO? There are discussions, but nothing promising.

7. PAAC Board Appointments:
• Vice President- Bostick states that after much thought and weighing everything, he has chosen Delia Reese to take over the Vice President position. Motion to approve appointment by John Battle, 2nd by Fernando Cisneros, all approved at 1011 hrs.
• Discussion about the PAAC President and Vice President being “full time” representatives. There has been a lot of discussion on this matter and some negotiations with DAPO Directors, but we are also looking at adding this to the MOU. CCPOA is now on board and supporting reduced caseloads, and still striving for more.
• Southern Region Rep- Bostick states he is appointing George Robles, who has continually challenged administration and this board to do better. Motion to approve by Jack Hood, 2nd by Fernando Cisneros, all approve at 1018 hrs.

8. Break

9. New Committee Appointments & Board Proposals:
• Weapons Committee- Bostick thanked Kashifalghita for his service on this committee and acknowledged all the work he has done. Bostick appointed Jack Hood, motion to approve by Delia Reese, 2nd by Fernando, all approve at 1037 hrs.
• Legal Defense Committee- Bostick appointed Delia Reese, motion to approve by John Battle, 2nd by Jack Hood, all approve at 1039 hrs. This committee is to review the need for legal counsel.
• Radio Committee- Bostick appointed Mark Joseph, motion to approve by Jack Hood, 2nd by Delia Reese, all approve at 1041 hrs.
• Proposal to change the Voting for PAAC Board members from 4 regions to 2 regions (total of 4 board members per region), to be in alignment with DAPO. Motion to approve by Mark Joseph, 2nd by Jack Hood, all approve at 1042 hrs.
• Proposal to continue $100 monthly cell phone allowance for PAAC Board members. Motion to approve by Mark Joseph, 2nd by Jack Hood, all approve at 1044 hrs.
• Bostick thanked Ondre Henry for his service and all he has done in fighting for staff over 29 yrs.

10. PAII Specialists in HQ Assignments- There are currently 9 in the North and 4 in the South. The MERS report was requested, and after much difficulty it was received. Also, there have been several position numbers that were “moved” along with the body, and not connected to the actual position being worked. There are also still some PAII Specialists on the re-employment list, but it has been difficult to ID the actual vacancies. Reese and Bostick are meeting with the Southern Region HQ on Monday to begin resolution.

11. Light Duty Update- No available, including “no contact” with parolees. Agents can be assigned to do pre-parole investigations, violation reports and other related assignments. However, agents can be directed to work core hours of 8-5 with a lunch and no vehicle during these periods.
• Question- How does this apply to PSAs? PSAs previously denied light duty, even though the request was only to eliminate inmate/parolee contact. PSAs requesting to be added to this agreement.

12. Overtime- This is an on-going issue that is addressed in Section 19:08 of the current MOU, which management want to now eliminate. OT is not based on “specs” or caseload counts, but on the actual time it takes to complete the necessary work. You MUST request OT in writing, and get the response in writing. The current 53:1 is valuated weekly.
• Question- Has there been any dialog in regards to GPS caseloads? Custody cases have not been counted, but SOMP agreements include ALL cases assigned in SOMS. Bottom line, they should all be counted.
• Question- If an agent takes a vacation, can you be held responsible for all of their specs for their entire caseload? No, supervisors will need to either pay OT if the expectation is 100%. If you only work 75% of the month, you should only be held responsible for 75% of the work. Supervisors have options to address the remaining work needed.
• Are trainers still entitled to OT for participation as a trainer (Range, PAST, etc. Instructors)? There is no current agreement for compensation for trainers. Trainers should base their OT requests based on the

13. Succession Plan- Management plans to “groom” future leaders. The idea is to “shadow” people currently in supervisory and management positions. It is supposed to be a voluntary participation, however, it has come to PAAC’s attention that a PAII has been “mandated” by the Parole Administrator to participate- on her own time, and with a 4 hour commute to do so.

14. Main Table MOU Negotiations Update- Jack Hood, Delia Reese, Fernando Cisneros and John Bostick are all serving on this side table to address MOU Section 19- all things related to Parole Agents and PSAs. On-going negotiations are confidential and no one on these tables are permitted to discuss any specifics. It does not appear that there will be any significant financial compensation in this new contract.
• Question- Will the PSAs be addressed/included in the new contract? Yes, but no specifics noted as per the confidentiality agreement.
• Question- Will PSAs who work in the institutions get security pay? There is not enough information available on this concern, PSAs asked to bring specifics to the Board.
• Question- Is there a timetable for a completed contract and implementation? Unknown as this time.
• Question- Why doesn’t CDCR/DAPO apply for Federal Grants? Unknown, as this is a management question.
15. Possible Upcoming Negotiations Tables- Upcoming policies include: CPAT, Programs and there is still an open table on the PVDTS Referral policy.

16. Pending Grievances- Agents being mandated to use their personal cell phones or provide their personal cell phone numbers for contact by supervisors.

17. Upcoming Academies- Re-hires welcomed back! There are currently 40 people in the first full 10-week Parole Agent Academy, which is be held in Stockton (former DJJ Academy facility). Most have “conditional” office location offers. Next academy will have another 40 people and is tentatively scheduled for March 2016.

18. PART– DAPO has corrected their interpretation of PART for the recent re-hires. PART eligibility is based on 3 yrs. in a classification, not position. The next PART is expected to occur in Feb. 2016, and will be based on the MOU. We are making every effort to ensure that position numbers are reconciled first so as to show “true” vacancies/ locations. All PARTS need to be submitted on/after July 1st, and are good through June 30th each year. Please spread the work to other to be sure to have PARTS on file if they are interested in participating at any time.
• PPP positions belong to DAI.

19. Question- Since DAI approved the Glock, will DAPO follow suit? Each division can make their own decisions on weapons, and just because one does something, doesn’t mean the others will follow. However, it is still open for discussion.

20. Tasers During Planned Arrests- PAII Supervisors are being trained and issued Tasers. Tasers are now required to be present at all planned arrests.

21. New State Vehicles and Uniforms for Supervisors & Management- Both are being brought on line for more “visibility” in the community and for “official” public events. Vehicles are being issued to PAII Supervisors in the units, but DA has discretion in this assignment.

22. PAAC Board Report-

• John Battle states there are several issues with agents being placed on “8-5 work schedules;” GPS caseloads also being assigned CPSRM cases from agents who “fell behind” as a “nice guy” and now his GPS caseload was audited.; still issues with agents covering behind clerical; and issues with agents using their personal phones for work becoming subject to or evidence in investigations. He adds that he has requested an audit of all travel reimbursements for re-hires attending the academy. They need to document all related travel issues well.
• Fernando Cisneros states he and Battle work closely on most issues. He states there are issues with agents being “mandated” to participate in the Succession Plan; addressing issues with regards to Workman’s Comp cases and light duty assignments. He adds that he and Battle are always willing to address issues with management at the monthly meetings, but agents have to make sure they are aware of the issues.
• Jack Hood states management has been filling new or special positions “out of hide” which has had a significant impact on the impacted units. They took 33 PAIII for the CCTRPs.
• Mark Joseph states management tries to “play” him & Jack Hood to get different answers. Issues with picking up EOP & MDO’s alone in a cage car- DOM states it’s the agent’s discretion. Also had issues with the building heater breaking down for a few days.
• Delia Reese states they are having issues with filling vacancies, especially behind so many retirees. A lot of moving staff around to fill these vacancies, as well as OT and PART being utilized. Be sure to check you vest for expiration date, and if it is expired be sure to get a replacement immediately from Training. New Home Storage Directive states agents can’t live more than 65 miles from their work location, not area of supervision. This impacts new assignments- agents who have already been living according to the last directive are exempt from this.
• Question- Can agents park the state vehicle somewhere to be in compliance? Yes, with approval on the Home Storage Permit.
Please keep up with all new policies and directives. SOMS is problematic for all, but they are working out the bugs.
• George Robles states his biggest concern as a Rep is that many have legitimate grievance issues and just want PAAC to “talk” or “fix” it for them. He asks that agents pleases consider the suggestions given to address these issues and be willing to step forward and write a grievance when necessary. Agents need to remember that we have attorneys available through CCPOA, who are experts in the field/department.
• John Bostick adds that the CCPOA attorneys are very good and knowledgeable experts in arena. If we were to break away from CCPOA we would lose that.

23. Open Questions-
• What will the closure of the Compton Unit’s impact be? DAPO has been given a 90 day notice from the property management that the rent will be raised significantly. At this point, there has not been any Closure Notice given, but once it is received there is a set of guidelines and a specific process.
• Is the rumor true that all secondary employment is being denied? If it is, let a PAAC Rep know immediately. Be aware that if the secondary employment conflicts with your position with DAPO, it can be denied.
• There are issues with certain supervisors mandating agents to work “so many days at specific hours.” The MOU dictates that agents submit their work schedules in accordance with the MOU. If a supervisor denies a work schedule, it must be done in writing, noting the specific reason- “operational need” is not specific enough.
• Can supervisors mandate agents to have “office day” in addition to their OD day? No, and if this is happening agents need to contact a PAAC Rep.
• Do re-hires lose all of their sick leave previously accrued? Yes, but only if they were separated from CDCR for more than 6 months.
• Will there be any change in the Range Policy? There is some updated training being looked at and training coordinators are being trained in some of this. However, there is nothing specific at this time, but it does appear changes are coming.
• John Bostick thanked Tifany LaDuke for her on-going support and participation in PAAC over the past several years and announced that she will take over as the PAAC Secretary in April 2016.
• Conducted a drawing for 5 prizes- CCPOA shirts and binder

24. Meeting Adjourned: Motion to adjourn by Jack Hood, 2nd by Fernando Cisneros, all approved at 1225 hrs.

Approved by the PAAC Board on: _____________________________

John Bostick, PAAC President: ________________________________
​Signature & Date

Deborah Shoup, PAAC Secretary: ______________________________
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Submitted by: Deborah Shoup, PAAC Secretary
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