The latest news

Over the past few months PAAC has toured several parole complexes to answer questions and to meet agents in the field.

In June 2016 PAAC President John Bostick and Vice President Delia Reese toured the South Central Los Angeles complex along with Southern board representatives Jorge Robles, Jack Hood, Mark Joesph and Meshal Kashifalghita.
Also in attendance was CCPOA field representative Mike Lopez.
PAAC provided lunch for staff who attended the presentation. A open forum which included management were present to ask your PAAC President and board questions in regards to several labor concerns. Attendance for the meeting was near 50 Agents.

In July 2016 PAAC President John Bostick along with Vice President Delia Reese recently toured the San Jose complex along with Northern Board representatives John Battle and Fernando.
Lunch was provided by PAAC and several topics were discussed along with a open forum to answer questions.
In attendance was nearly 25 Agents and retired former PAAC President Melinda Silva.

In August we had our annual CCPOA convention.
Your PAAC board attended several training seminars to strengthen their labor and legal skill set.
The convention is also a time where state wide elections are held. This year we saw our new CCPOA Executive Vice President Kurt Stoetzl elected. If you haven’t attended a CCPOA Convention yet I suggest you do. It is very informative and will benefit your career.

In September PAAC President John Bostick along with CCPOA -Executive VP Kurt Stoetzl, DJJ VP Darrel Lee, Supervisory VP Kieth Bennet and Chief of Labor Suzzane Jimenez toured both the Fresno and Sacramento Metro complexes.
This was the first time in several years that a tour with the Executive council has taken place within DAPO.
Agents were pleasantly surprised to see CCPOA tour the complexes and answer questions relative to the MOU and other concerns within the parole division.
This tour was a success and several other similar tours
Are currently being aranged for Oakland and another undecided location in the North, dates to follow.

In Octobler two additional tours are being scheduled for your PAAC President and VP to meet an d greet as well as answer questions locally. The locations will be the Riverside Complex on 10/25 and the San Diego Chula Vista complex on 10/26.  Lunch will be provided at both locations. Please take the time to come by and ask questions. Notices will be sent to the agents within those complexes in advance

Thank you for your dedication and service
PAAC Administration