Several CCPOA PAAC Chapter Board members (President Jorge Robles, Vice President Joshua Eustice and Board Member Maribel Hinojosa) were joined by the CCPOA Main Table negotiation team members (Moses Mix, Terry Hammon, Steve Durham and Suzanne Jimenez) in rolling out the new MOU and answering all questions that the membership had.

The Town hall rollout at the Riverside Moreno Valley Parole Office was part of an ongoing effort to make sure that the Parole Agents represented by CCPOA and managers in the area had a clear grasp of all the new MOU sections that were negotiated. Approximately 75-85 Agents were present during the presentation and the meeting went well, with everyone feeling happy with the new sections.

The PAAC Board will be holding ongoing meet and greets throughout the state in the coming months in order to see that each Agent in the state has a voice in the next MOU, which will be negotiated within the next year. We look forward to meeting all of you and hearing your individual concerns. Thank you