Upcoming negotiations

Several new policies are currently being drafted by DAPO management.
In addition several notices have even sent from DAPO to the Labor Relations department.
We are currently reviewing and determining potential impact of these new policies.
Some of those policies are Prop 47 policy, The weapons and safety equipment policy, CPAT referral policy, Program referral policy as it pertains to the 70% cohort list, Article 19.08 J of the MOU vacancy and position report, PSA workload, Samsung 6 cellular phones for all field staff, not to mention the entire 3 Years to Excellence.
These negotiations are currently either on going or preparing to start.
If you feel that you have information pertaining to the scope of these topics please email your Vice President Delia Reese with your concerns or comments. Delia is on every table with your President John Bostick and a very important person in the process of negotiations.
Reese will pass on information that she has gathered as well as suggested table members for negotiations.
PAAC will consider your input and negotiate on your behalf while at the table.
With that said be aware that we negotiate for the entire chapter of Parole and not for specific individuals.
Negotiations that have statewide impact have to be reviewed and all staff have to be considered when agreeing or opposing a policy or directive. With nearly 1500 members the majority wins during the decision process.
PAAC does not have the ability to provide any specific information about current ongoing negotiations other than the topic. We will take input and solicit information that will assist PAAC at the tables.
Once the negotiations have concluded most policies are implemented and sent out within a week.