Upcoming Union Negotiation Tables

The following reflects upcoming Union Negotiation Tables:

1.     Lifer peer re-entry navigation network program.

2.     DAPO intent to disseminate the protocol for adherence to language added to all minute orders issued by Superior Court of Los Angeles County

3.     Basic Parole Agent Academy curriculum

4.     Implementation of the DAPO, DOM supplement 54090.1, request for interview, item or service.

5.     Deactivation of the CDCR, DAPO Orange GPS monitoring Parole Unit 2/Activate the El Monte GPS Monitoring Parole Unit.

6.     Revision to the CD CR, DOM, chapter 8, article 34 by the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) procedures for mentally disordered offender.

7.     Revisions to the CD CR, DAPO department operations manual chapter 8 article 16 through 25.

If any PAAC Agents are interested in assisting with the negotiation process, please contact Mesh Kash via email or by phone.  Click on “Contact” Tab above to contact Mesh Kash.